cuda installation always fail


specs:gtx 1080ti founders edition. windows 10 64 ver 1511

I am trying to instal any version of cuda over 8.0
always failed at the end,
what i am doing:

1.- instal last drivers of my 1080ti
2.- launch cuda installaer
3.- error of “not hardware compatibility”
4.- continue and uncheck driver installation. (found as a solution to the problem in this forum for many users, not working for me)
5.- always fail to instal at the end nothing installed.

note: version 9.2 dont tell me hardware incopatibility but installation fail at the end like cuda 8.0 versions too

please anyone can help me??

See various possibilities to fix the issue on the post with links here:

Basically you probably need to do a clean uninstall and retry again.

Thanks , It almost worked fine for me.
Total delete of drivers using your post.
Only issue is that now i can not open Geforce experience, it allways crash and tell me a message of error, is any way to only reinstall gforce manager, in order to keep alive mi CUDA 9.2 installation?

You should be able to (re) install a recent GeForce driver now, and get GeForce experience working, while retaining CUDA 9.2 functionality. Just make sure you choose a GeForce driver of 396.xx or higher.