CUDA 9.2 installation continuously failing.


Every time I try to download CUDA 9.2, the installation inevitably fails. I want to download the GPU version of tensorflow, which required CUDA. I run the installer and it always says: NVIDIA installer failed. In the list of components of CUDA, the Visual Studio Integration failed. I have a picture below:

I have found another post in which the user had a similar problem. A solution was provided, but that did not work for me. This is the post:

I have uninstalled the graphics drivers and reinstalled many times, and it never seems to work.
It seems like many people have problems with downloading CUDA and NVIDIA should really try to make this process easier.

Thank you!

Hello again,

I finally got a solution! It is not that hard, but a little convoluted. I do not think anyone on the forums has done a good job at comprehensively going through the solution, so I will. Important note: restart your computer after every step!

Step 1: Uninstall NVIDIA applications
First you will have to uninstall all of your previous NVIDIA applications (such as geforce experience, etc…) I use the revo uninstaller because after you uninstall the program, it allows you to also delete any extra folders and files left behind.

Step 2: Uninstall the Incorrect Visual Studio
Next, uninstall all versions of Visual Studio 17 (I also uninstalled 15 just to be safe). You can uninstall with any application you like (I did it from the control center.)

Step 3: Install a VS 2017 version BEFORE VS 2017 version 15.6
To do this, open the visual studio installer and download VS 2017. DO NOT just go with the standard installation. Go to the “Individual Components” tab. Scroll down to “Compilers, build tools, and runtimes.” Click on a VC++ version BEFORE “VC++ 2017 version 15.6 v14.13 toolset.” It will also check some other boxes, but do not worry about that.

Step 4: Run CUDA installer
Now you should be able to run the installation. You can just do the express installation. Hopefully, your installation should work.

Good luck!