Nvidia installer failed CUDA 12.3.0

I need help idk why the installer fails here is what I tried so far
Installing the exact Nvidia drivers from the website instead of Nvidia experience

I updated my windows version ( 10 ) btw

GPU I have is Nvidia RTX 3070 TI 8gb Laptop GPU

please help


I had the same problem.
After a lot of struggle, I installed it with the bare minimum : no Visual Studio integration, no NSight anything; only what’s selected in the screenshot below.
CUDA install capture
(notice that already have graphical driver installed and up to date)

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I have the same issue as well.
My driver is up to data, and I have close all the related program.
I think the best solution is to wait the next release.

Same here! Will try the miniaml installation

windows 10 , visual studio 2019, visual studio code, GTX 1080

Same issue here. In the end, i got it to install by unchecking:
-the 2 visual studio extensions
-gforce stuff
-nsight compute - i manually installed this individual package before trying to install cuda.
-nvidia audio

Thanks to this thread, its installed now.

Thanks Pierce, the main causes are those with Nsight . Unchecked them in the list above and it worked for me to successfully finish the installation on Windows 11.