CUDA Installer failed

Hello. NVIDIA Cuda installer gives me the error in the screenshot. Can somebody help me troubleshoot ?

Graphics drivers are 537.58 (Studio).

Thus far, I have tried uninstalling the main graphics drivers and clean re-installing both Game-Ready or Studio without any success. Also tried install with and without PhysX component and with/without GeForece Experience resulting in the same error.

Typically I run my computer with only the drivers, no PhysX and no Geforce Experience so this would be the ideal end-result (CUDA + drivers).

Graphics card is a Geforce RTX 3060 (Gigabyte VISION OC v2) 12 GB VRAM.

Machine is: HP Z4 G4 with Xeon W-2145, 32 GB DDR4 ECC.
Operating system: Windows 10

Reason for wanting to install CUDA is that I am trying to learn to use Stable Diffusion and LORA training or fine-tuning with my own dataset photos and learned that CUDA is a pre-requsite. I never used CUDA before and never had any version of it installed on my PC.

When initially trying to install CUDA I was presented with warning message: " No supported version of Visual Studio was found. Some components of the CUDA Toolkit will not work properly", after which I closed the CUDA installer and succesfully installed Visual Studio.

If further information is required let me know.

Thank you.

EDIT: I have read a related forum post ( WIndows 10 CUDA installation failure solved - #17 by bnrr2000 ) but it is dating from 2018 and the solution presented there is disabling Visual Studio Integration. I am unsure if I should follow that solution given the purpose above. Isn’t Visual Studio Integration required for running Stable Diffusion training ?


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