Is it not possible to install CUDA and have the latest Geforce drivers installed?

Installation failed when trying install CUDA without it’s version of Geforce drivers it has or Geforce Experience. I use my PC as well for gaming but would like to try to use CUDA as well for learning.

You should be able to install the latest drivers after you installed CUDA. What happens when you do that?

Each CUDA version requires a minimum driver version, and typically ships with that minimum required version. But it will happily work with subsequent, newer drivers (with very rare exceptions where a newer driver introduces a bug).

I was hoping that would be the case but are you saying I need to uninstall the drivers have installed now then install CUDA? I’m trying to install over the current drivers but deselecting the options that aren’t CUDA related. If I do that, I get an error message “NVIDIA INSTALL FAILED”

It sounds like you may be making things overly complicated. Here is what I do:

(1) When I install a new CUDA version, I install with the default settings (to my knowledge, that includes basically everything). Note that this will also install whatever driver package is included with that particular CUDA version.

(2) Thereafter, whenever I think it is time to update the drivers, I download and install driver packages from the NVIDIA website, with default settings (again, I think that means all components get installed).

I have been doing this since I set up my current Windows 7 system in 2012. I have never had a problem with installing CUDA or the driver packages. I never use beta driver packages, only production driver packages.

Well, I would counter and say NVIDIA is making it unnecessarily complicated by packing in Geforce drives / Geforce experience when neither should be necessary for CUDA.

It seems like a problem waiting to happen if I already have NVIDA drivers installed…install CUDA that then tries to install older versions of the drivers…then reinstall the latest.

It should just check to see if drivers are installed if the latest can coexist

But I hear you. I’ll try to reinstalling again and then updating the drivers

It actually still failed. The failures were due to visual studio integration. It doesn’t report that error but by after only selecting CUDA and then deselecting Visual Studio integration CUDA finally installed