CUDA ToolKit 11.8 installation Failed at the Nsight Visual Studio Edition, Windows 11


When I tried to install CUDA toolkit version 11.8 (cuda_11.8.0_522.06_windows), it always failed at the Nsight Visual Studio Edition part. I tried to install NVIDIA_Nsight_Visual_Studio_Edition_Win64_2022.3.0.22269_31854358 separately but it always ended prematurely: NVIDIA Nsight Visual Studio Edition 2022.3.0.22269 Setup Wizard ended prematurely.


My system is Windows 11. Driver version: 526.86.
Thanks in advance!

Thanks for reaching out with this issue. Could you share what version(s) of Visual Studio you have installed on your system and what GPU you have installed?

Please try to install the standalone Nsight VSE package from the DevZone Download Center

This will allow you install in non-silent mode.
Hopefully it will install without an issue, but if not, the issue should become apparent.
Let us know how it goes, please.

I fixed it install Night Visual Studio Edition standalone the first.
Step 1: Chose Custom (advanced)

Step 2: Chose install only NVIDIA VSE:

Step 3: Download all!