CUDA v12.3 Installer Failed at Nsight Compute


Whenever I try to download CUDA, it always fails at “Nsight Compute”. I have a 3060 that says its CUDA compatible. I am trying to install version 12.3.

What are the possible reasons and fixes for this?

Hi khanlenouimette

Thanks for using cuda and sorry for the issue you met. Can you please check if you already have a Nsight Compute installed on the machine ?

Hi there, I am also stuck at this step. Currently I have separately downloaded Nsight from the website:

but the installer still failed at Nsight compute even though it is already installed.

Hi, wangyudi2016

There is a known issue that if you have a same version or newer version Nsight compute installed, then install from cuda toolkit will fail.

In your case, as you already install nsight compute separately. So when you install cuda, you can choose Custom(Advanced)->CUDA->then uncheck nsight compute to continue the installation.
Please help to check if this works for you. Thanks !

Same issue with Cuda 12.3 installation at Nsight Compute failed.

Using VS 2019, and Nsight Compute was not present before installing Cuda 12.3.

Hi, @492177353
Thanks for the report ! It may be caused by conflict with installed/running application.
And we can’t reproduce this now in local machine. For a quick workaround, please install nsight compute separately from And then uncheck “Nsight Compute” in cuda installation.

Sorry for the inconvenience !