Cuda 10.2 installation failed for visual studio integration

I have tried installing CUDA 10.2. However it fails at Visual studio integration step and all other components are listed as Not installed. I need to be able to have visual studio integration step installed as I have to use CUDA in visual studio for coding purposes.
I have following versions of Visual studio installed :
Visual Studio 2012, Visual Studio 2013, Visual Studio 2015, Visual Studio 2017 and Visual Studio 2019

I think you should recheck CUDA installation. Select appropriate CUDA Toolkit version for install by comparing with right NVIDIA driver.

You can check Binary Compatibility by visiting the following link:

Use the following link to correctly install CUDA Toolkit:

Hopefully it would solve the problem!

Are you seeing something like this?

If not, you have not selected the option for Visual Studio Integration while installing CUDA. Please retry the CTK install.
If so, what is the ‘Reason’ each VS version was not installed?

You can also download and install Nsight VSE directly, but you may want to use the one (v2019.4) associated with the CTK10.2 and the associated driver (r441.22).
If you have the freedom, I highly recommend using the latest CTK11.3u1 and NsightVSE 2021.1.1 with the r465.89 drivers.