Unable to install CUDA 8.0 on machine without CUDA GPU

I have tried to install the SDK on my laptop which does not have a CUDA compatible card. I know I will not be able to run any cuda code but I would like to be able to compile it on the train and discus it with friends.

I have tried both the network and the full (local) version.

Does anyone know a way to get this to work?

what OS is on your laptop?

what did you observe that led you to believe you cannot install?

My OS is windows 10.

Upon running the installation it first runs “Checking System compatibility”, it the displays the message
“NVIDIA Installer cannot continue
This NVIDIA graphics driver is not compatible with this version of windows”

The only option is to close at this point.

The actual graphics is an AMD Radeon R2 So there is now NVIDIA card atall

So the installer you are using is



If so, follow the instructions here:


under “silent install”, to install everything except the display driver.

For example, try running a command like this:

cuda_8.0.61_win10.exe -s compiler_8.0.61 samples_8.0.61 visual_studio_integration_8.0.61

You may want to add additional packages to the above list. The main thing is to not select the Display.Driver package.

I tried using the -S switch and it finished quickly without doing anything.

I then re-downloaded the cuda_8.0.61_win10.exe file and this time it worked in non silent mode warning me that I did not have a CUDA compatible GPU card and allowing me to install.

It would appear I did not have the right version of the SDK installer for my machine.

Thanks for all your help


I’ve windows 10 (64 bit with version 1803) and my desktop has GeForce GTX 1060. I cannot get CUDA 8 to install. Always the same error “NVIDIA Installer cannot continue
This NVIDIA graphics driver is not compatible with this version of windows”"

I tried installing different driver version. Can anyone help?