This Nvidia graphics driver isn't compatible with this Windows Version?

I reset my PC because of trouble with Windows 10. I now tried to reinstall CUDA 8.1. I first installed CUDA 10 but as it seems there is no cuDNN for CUDA 10 and i need cuDNN for Tensorflow. I now tried to install CUDA 8.1 but i get always the same Error Message(Adminrights/local Installer/ network installer). My Graphics card driver is the updated as well. Windows itself has no updates to install aswell.
The Installer starts with checking the system compatibility and then answer to me: The NVIDIA Installer can not be continued: This NVIDIA graphics driver isnt’ compatible with this Windows-Version.

Anyone can help me to get this working again? It worked before the reset so i dont know whats the matter.

There is no CUDA 8.1 or CUDA 10.