CUDA Driver install problem?

A little background first, I am a complete novice at GPU computing and this is the first time attempting it. Here is my current setup:

Windows 7 Professional x64
2 GeForce GTX 650s
Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate
CUDA 5.5 installed
current video driver installed: 320.18

Using the recommended install everything seemed to go smoothly for the CUDA 5.5 install toolkit. Afterwards I tried to run some of the samples provided and got an error that I had no current CUDA devices installed. So after going through the documentation I ran deviceQuery.exe and it gave back the following: “no CUDA-capable device detected Result = FAIL”.

If I am not mistaken there is a CUDA driver, which is separate from the graphics driver, that needs to be installed to be able to develop for CUDA. It can be installed either silently or via a GUI during the CUDA toolkit installation. The problem is that I don’t ever recall getting the window for a specific CUDA driver install. I went through the installer again and still didn’t see any mention of a specific CUDA driver, just a graphics driver.

Am I missing something somewhere?

Ok, so it looks like part of my question is answered. Just got done with NVidia online support and after some troubleshooting it looks like there is no problem with the driver. I still have the problem with no CUDA capable device being detected though, and they referred me here for more support. Could I be having a hardware problem, or is this a software bug?

Can you please elaborate a bit more about your problem?

  1. Detail log info when you run deviceQuery.exe
  2. Are the GPU detected in DeviceManager?
  3. Can you please run “NVIDIA-SMI.exe” in “C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NVSMI” and paste log here?
  4. Did you install Driver 320.17 which come with CUDA 5.5 RC package?