Cuda set device failed. Do you have a CUDA capable GPU installed ?


I tried to install CUDA 8 on another computer I use.
The graphic card is NVIDIA NVS 315 (which is CUDA compatible).
The PC is running windows 7.
It is a Dell worksation something (I will be in front of it in the beginning of the afternoon for better reference).

But when I am creating a new NVIDIA project on visual studio 2013 and running it, it says me :

“Cuda set device failed. Do you have a CUDA capable GPU installed ?”

I checked on this forum for people having the same problem.

I found here that the fact to have another graphic card could be a problem :

I indeed in my Device Manager on windows “Standard VGA graphic card” in addition to the Nvidia NVS 315

But I am not sure to know what I should do at this point ? It is written that if the screen are plugged in the other graphic card than NVIDIA is could be a problem. But I am not sure to get why ? Because CUDA wouldn’t detect the good graphic card when the program runs ? But what is the link with in which port the display is plugged into the computer (VGA or Nvidia graphic in my case).

And if I figure out it is plugged into the VGA port, the only thing to do would be to change the display port at this moment ? Or there would be any parameter to change somewhere on the computer ? (I will be in front of the computer in 1hour to check all this, but I start this topic now to also know if I need to check other things when I arrive).

Also, in some topics it is also said to try to launch “DeviceQuery.exe”. But I don’t find it. I saw that I have to compile the project to have it.

In practice it is the : sample_vs2013 (I’m using VS 2013) that I find in “C:\ProgramData\NVIDIA Corporation\CUDA Samples\v8.0” that I need to compile in release mode to find this file right ? Or is it something else to do ?

Thanks a lot.

The project you want is here:

C:\ProgramData\NVIDIA Corporation\CUDA Samples\v8.0\1_Utilities\deviceQuery