How to Update/Upgrade driver on Ubuntu due to new card installed? No usage documentation on nvidia-installer anywhere.

Summary: how do I upgrade/update Ubuntu with 7.5 driver to new 8.0 driver? All searching only finds how to install. Very little reference even to how to uninstall.

We’ve just upgrade the GPU cards to GeForce, 900 series, GTX Titan X, on an Ubuntu 14.4, 64bit machine.
The machine has 7.5 drivers and CUDA toolkit. I need to update/upgrade it to 8.0, as it appears nothing is working now.

I’ve inherited this machine so some of the history is unclear. It appears the existing driver was installed by NVidia’s script, not a Deb file.

I believe I’ve found the correct driver, but how do I upgrade/update the machine to the new driver?
Linux x64 (AMD64/EM64T) Display Driver, Version 375.26

Side question, does the type of the old card change the answer?

The wording of your OP is unclear to me. If you want to install nVidia 375.26:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa
sudo apt-get update

Source of the above coomands
Proprietary GPU Drivers : “Graphics Drivers Team” team

On the left side of the Ubuntu 14.04.x desktop: System Settings (the Gear icon)–>Software & Updates–>Additional Drivers

If you want to install CUDA 8.0:

CUDA 8.0 Downloads | NVIDIA Developer

Ubuntu Forums

Sorry, so it appears the Driver was installed via the NVidia run file.
The CudaToolkit was installed via the DEB file.

From what I’ve been reading, you don’t want to upgrade/remove using a different technology then the install technology used.

So my current plan is to:
1 - uninstall the cudatoolkit via the deb file
2 - upgrade the driver using the feature of the run file.
3 - install the new cudatoolkit via a new run file

that way the toolkit and drivers will have been installed the same way. also, the toolkit appears to have the driver contained within its install, so in the future I can just use the toolkit to upgrade.

Anyone see any issues with this?
thanks either way.