How to update CUDA Toolkit

While trying to install CUDA toolkit, After many failed attempts and online Q&A forums, I found the following solution:

- Uninstall CUDA and the Nvidia Display Drivers (if needed use DDU). 
- Install CUDA with all the components (custom installation --> CUDA+PhysX+Graphics Driver+GeForce Experience) 
- After CUDA installation restarts the computer. 
- Then install the latest Display Drivers (custom installation --> Graphics Driver+GeForce Experience+PhysX)

I installed CUDA on my Windows 10 machine using the following setup file: cuda_8.0.44_win10.exe. But now a newer version of CUDA has been released, the cuda_8.0.61_win10.exe. And I would like to know how to update the existing installation to the new one.?
Would I have to go through the entire installation procedure like I did before?

PS: I already have the graphics drivers updated to the latest available version.