Hello! GTX 1050 ti Which version of Cuda?

Hello, i am looking a lot of hours to find the right version of Cuda driver for my gtx 1050 ti without any success. It seems that it shout be the 6.1 which i cannot find anywhere for download. Any help will be apreciated. Thanks!

The latest, Cuda Toolkit 11.2 Update 2 will support this card.

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jesus… thanks a lot! Is its so difficult for nvidia to have a clear list somewhere with the supported cpus? I am looking 3 hours for the propert cuda driver. Thanks dude!

Where did you read about Cuda 11? Is there any link with the supported gpus?

I’m a little unsure exactly what you want. Your headline says “Which version of Cuda”, by which I assumed you mean Cuda toolkit that will support building Cuda software.

If you really just need a driver for your card, the best way is to go to: Download The Latest Official GeForce Drivers and choose the “Manual Driver Search”.

If the former, I agree, it’s a little difficult to work out which Toolkit supports which Compute Capability (6.1 in your case). I go to the Toolkit documentation archive, select an X.0 version Release Notes and scroll down to the “Deprecated and Dropped Features” where you will find out what still works and what probably won’t on the next version. Eg. Release Notes :: CUDA Toolkit Documentation show that in Cuda 11.0, Compute Capability >3.2 is still supported, but 3.5, 3.7 and 5.0 are about to be dropped in newer versions.

I find this page a good collection of most Cuda tables in one place: CUDA - Wikipedia

EDIT: Have just realised that the “GPUs Supported” section of the Wikipedia page, directly above the first table, lists which Compute versions eack toolkit supports.