CUDA on K2100M


I’ve just recently got a new laptop with the NVIDIA Quadro K2100M, a relative modern GPU. On the list here: it is not listed, eventhough on the webpage where they present it here: it lists it has CUDA cores. Trying to install CUDA 5.5 gets me the warning message that my graphics driver could not find a compatible device.

I’ve downloaded the latest drivers (332.76). What is going on? I’ve also tried hacking the .inf file, but that doesn’t solve it neither.

Is my graphics card even supported?


What NVIDIA GPU driver was on your machine when you received it? What driver is on it now?

It’s very likely that CUDA 5.5 will just work with whatever driver was originally on your laptop.
In that case, you would install the CUDA 5.5 toolkit using the installer pack but without installing the driver that comes with CUDA 5.5 The driver that comes with CUDA 5.5 is old and does not recognize your relatively new GPU.