CUDA cannot detect Quadro M1200

Hi All,

I try to install CUDA 8.0.61 to window 10 laptop. The M1200 driver is updated to During the installation, The CUDA show error message “this graphic driver could not find compatible graphics hardware”. What is the problem? The M1200 should compatible with CUDA.

Is there any solution?


Because the graphics driver bundled with 8.0.61 installer is not (384.51) it is some older driver that doesn’t recognize your M1200.

Instead, keep your 384.51 driver, and when installing CUDA 8.0.61, look for the option to deselect the driver install.

My Quadro M1200 Driver version is 375.86 and I get a warning stating “The graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware…it is suggested that you keep your existing driver and install the remaining portions of the CUDA Toolkit” while trying to install CUDA 8.0.61 on Windows 10.

When I click next, accept the Terms and Conditions, In options I see Display driver in Driver components it shows the new version of Display driver as 376.51 and the current version as 375.86.

Should I keep this and click on next or should I uncheck this option?