CUDA 2.1 on 770m

New to CUDA. I tried to install the latest CUDA 2.1 driver. I got a message like this: “…could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware…”

According to laptopvideo2go [], the driver supports the Quadro 370, 570, and 1700 (among others), but apparently not the 770.

Since the 770m is labeled CUDA capable, how come it doesn’t get the 2.1 update? Will it not be capable of running CUDA 2.1?

(And for any who might ask, I need the CUDA 2.1 and not just 2.0 to use a matlab extension, so I can’t just stay put on CUDA 2.0.)

Thanks for any wisdom y’all might share.

system spec: Dell M4400, with NVIDIA 770m.

Probably have to add the lines to the INF yourself; 181.20 still isn’t a laptop release, so while it will almost certainly work with a 770M, it doesn’t have the entry to install on a 770M off the bat.