Quadro FX 1400 ? Dazed and confused


Is the Quadro FX 1400 supported? And if not - is it possible it will work anyhow?

I don’t se it on the list of supported hardware, but was hoping that was an oversight :wacko: :wacko:

I’m on Linux:

Ubuntu 8.10
Quadro FX 1400
4GB Ram

I got the SDK installed and all the test projects compiled cleanly (once I fixed the symlink to libglut.so) – but the tests fail.

I’m assuming it’s the Quadro FX 1400, but if not - I’d like to know so I can look for other possible causes.

BTW – THANKS NVIDIA!! Even if I have to buy a new card… WOOT!


Pretty sure the 1400 is NV4x based, so no, it won’t work in CUDA. You need a G8x or above (so 8 series, 9 series, or GeForce GTX)

Rats :)

Ok, looks like I’m goin’ shopping - anyone need anything?