Is Quadro NVS 440 supported?

From the FAQ page, I know the beta supports the GeForce 8800 and Quadro FX 4600 and 5600. Version 1.0 will also support the GeForce 8500 and 8600. Does it mean that I cannot use CUDA on Quadro NVS 440? Thanks.

The NVS 440 uses a GPU from the GeForce 6 series, so CUDA is not supported. Only GeForce 8 (or equivalent Quadro) and later will work with CUDA.

Hello All, Pardon if this question has been answered before. The nvidia website takes me to:

for the quadro nvs 440 driver which claims CUDA 2.3 support. Is this a general driver that has cuda support? I can’t seem to run The Cuda sdk examples on my 440s.

That driver covers many Quadro cards, and on cards with suitable hardware, CUDA 2.3 is supported. The NVS 440 is not one of those cards, though.