CUDA on Quadro NVS 440? Can I use CUDA on a Quadro NVS 440?

Hi there - excuse me if this is a FAQ, but searching wasn’t helpful.

I see that in the 1.1 release of CUDA various other Quadro parts are supported:

 - Quadro NVS 130M
 - Quadro NVS 135M
 - Quadro NVS 140M
 - Quadro NVS 290
 - Quadro NVS 320M

Is the Quadro NVS 440 supported? I would like to investigate the viability of GPU computing for speeding up our financial MC problems, but I wouldn’t want to make the case to buy new hardware until I’ve validated the usefulness. Our workstations all have NVS 440 parts.



Strike that. For whatever reason the search didn’t find this message:

Which states that I can’t use the NVS 440. :(