Does NVS 2xx series supports CUDA?


I have an old NVS 290 card. The specification only says it has toolkit for GPU computing. Does it mean this card support CUDA?

The card still works, and if it can work with CUDA, I can use for CUDA practice. Otherwise it is really old, and useless as a desktop video card.


NVS 290 is a compute capability 1.1 device, which is no longer supported by current CUDA versions. If memory serves, the last version of CUDA that supported CC 1.1 was CUDA 6.0, the latest released version is CUDA 7.5.

Given the many limitations of GPUs with compute capability < 2.0, and if your finances allow it, I would suggest looking for an affordable GPU of the Maxwell class with compute capability 5.x.

That’s alright…I guess I can throw them away without any regret :) Thanks!

Depending on where you live, you would want to properly recycle all e-waste, including old GPUs. You may want to consult your local government’s online resources in this matter. For example, if you live in California, you can check out