Does Nvidia NVS 300 contain GPU? Can it be used for deep learning program?

If you think yes, then let me know the procedure. I have tried, but cupy package was not installed. Please help me.


The NVS 300 appears to be compute capability 1.2. The current version of CUDA, 9.0, does not support compute capabilities <= 2.0. You would have to go back to four-year old versions of CUDA and NVIDIA driver packages to get this to run, which doesn’t seem advisable.

The deep learning frameworks I have seen all require compute capability >= 3.0, so none of them support an old GPU with compute capability 1.2.

I would suggest looking for a lower-end modern GPU, such as the GTX 1050, which retails for around $130. You can find even cheaper models, down to about $75, but those probably do not provide much performance improvement compared to a reasonably modern CPU. A used higher-end Maxwell family GPU (compute capability 5.x) might be a workable alternative.