Using NVS 310 along with GTX 1060 in Workstation

I would like to use NVS310 along with my new GTX1060 , NVS310 would primarily be used for display and GTX1060 for CUDA. The problem is NVS310 only supports 340.xx drivers and even when I install them, it seems to break the desktop console in Opensuse.
Is there any workaround so that I can use the way I had mentioned?
Would it be possible to use two different drivers in parallel ? Since I also suspect the 340.xx drivers will not allow me to completely use the latest cuda features

Get a replacement for the NVS 310, which seems to be a GPU with compute capability 1.2. Support for that compute capability was removed from NVIDIA drivers about four years ago. On the other hand the GTX 1060 is a very recent GPU with compute capability 6.1 that requires recent drivers (within the last year or so). It follows that there does not exist a driver version that supports both GPUs. You should be able to pick up a more modern low-end GPU to drive the display for between $50 and $70, for example this one,, which appears to have compute capability 3.x, or possibly a very modern GTX 1030 in the $80 to $100 range. Or look for a used card.

NVS 310 is compute capability 2.1 (Fermi device)

It is supported by CUDA 8.

I stand corrected. Sorry if my previous post caused confusion. It seems I got mixed up. Apparently, the Quadro NVS 300 is Tesla based (specifically, GT218 according to various sources), while the Quadro NVS 310 is Fermi based as txbob says.