Different GPU compatibility for multiple cards

I have an Ubuntu (14) Workstation mounting an nVidia NVS 315 for video output and a TESLA K40 for computing. In the beginning, I installed cudaToolkit 7.5 which is compatible with both the cards without problems. Last year I had to install cuda Toolkit 10 for compatibility with Matlab2019a. The problem was that the NVS 315 was not compatible anymore with the toolkit and I lost the video from the display. I can only work remotely using VNC. I realized that I was unable to manage both the cards.
Now I’m planning to buy a more recent GeForceRTX3070 only for computation and to make a general upgrade to Ubuntu 20. Is there a chance to have the 3 boards working properly or, at least, the one managing the video working properly together with either the TESLA or the new GeForce? Thank you!