169.09 drivers fx5600 compatible?

i would like to move up to the 1.1 sdk,
however it requires the 169.09 drivers, and i have the quardro fx5600 card, which is not in the list of supported cards…

will it work?


It should. At least FX 5600 is on list of supported hardware, see this message.

yea, saw that, but that is in relation to cuda as a whole, which i know works as i have been using it with 1.0 sdk.

it is more the drivers i was interested in… http://www.nvidia.com/object/winxp_169.09.html

the products supported page does not mention any quardro cards…

but that may be because quadro get specific workstation class drivers, (i dont mind missing some quadro features, aa line n the like, as i only use the card for cuda and a little direct x)

169.09 should work with your Quadro 5600.