Cuda with Quadro FX 3400

I am using Dell Precision 690 with Quadro FX 3400 on 64-bit Windows 7.

Does CUDA supports Quadro FX 3400?

Thanks in advance

FX 3400 seems to be NV45-based, so no, it does not. CUDA supports any chip introduced since November 06.

It is interesting because the 190.38 driver says it adds CUDA capability to the device, but on the CUDA video card compatability list the Quadro FX 3400 is not listed explicitly. I also have this card, but am currently running a 32bit Windows XP SP3 Dell Precision 670 and would like to be able to play with some of the CUDA functionality. I have ordered the Tesla card in a new computer, but I am still waiting to receive it, so until then I would like to be able to use the video card I have. If anyone has any positive insight to this problem I would appreciate it very much.