CUDA on Dell Precision M6400 Notebook

Hello guys,

I am an engineer/scientist and I am very eager to use CUDA for various professional and hobby applications including optical system design and parallel optimization.

I wanted to build a whole new system based on TESLA C1060 cards to run CUDA but I run into a very dissapointing first experince with CUDA. To gain experience with the environment and the SDK, I decided to try CUDA on my Dell Precision M6400 super notebook. This is a very powerful machine featuring an Intel QX9300 Quad Core processor and nVidia Quadro FX3700M graphics card. The graphic card is listed as CUDA enabled but when I try to install the latest notebook drivers from nVIDIA site (which have version 185 or higher) they screw up my display. I tried both the CUDA note book driver posted on the CUDA page and the latest standard driver directly from the FX3700M page. The two seem to be identical and cause the same problem: turning my laptop’s beautiful and contrasty 17" LED RGB display into a very low-contrast barely-visible junk display :thumbsdown:

I attached an external VGA monitor to the laptop and it seems to function OK. So I conclude that it is the laptop display that the driver can not handle. I switched back to the standard FX3700M driver from Dell website and my display restored back to normal.

Has any one experienced a similar problem with quadro FX3700M and Windows Vista x64? Is there a fix to this problem?

I look forward to any help.

Thank you.

Dr. Omid Jahromi
Palm Beach, FL

I have exactly the same problems with version 185.85 and 186.03 beta - the drivers distributed byi DELL work fine (version 179.50).



Google is my friend, here’s a solution: Precision M6400 Owner’s Lounge - somewhat dirty :whistling: