Is CUDA possible on a Dell Mobile Precision

Is CUDA experimentation possible on a Dell M4400 Mobile Precision Workstation with the Quadro FX 770M?

Assuming that the Windows primary graphic driver task timeout is not violated, can CUDA run with interwoven LCD use (or LCD display continuance after CUDA runs)?

Also, does anyone know if the M4400 chipset (Intel PM45 - Montevina) can select between the Quadro FX 770M and the integrated chipset GMA 4500MHD (if actually integrated in the M4400)? This dual GPU selection is done in Vista in the Lenovo T500, and in some other machines via a BIOS option in XP restart.

Yes, it’s supported (look under ‘Quadro Mobile Products’):

Yes, the way you described it is how CUDA runs on Windows. If you need to, you can even turn off the timer/‘watchdog’, though it’s not recommended (and not allowed by Microsoft for any applications you plan to distribute).

I don’t know the answer to the switching question though. If you have both integrated graphics and the Quadro, you might be able to even just use the quadro full-time for your CUDA apps and only use the integrated chipset for your normal computer usage (but that’s a Vista driver issue, and something that nVidia would have to work out).

Thank you very much for your reply. I’d bought an Outlet M4400 to mess around with Cuda (oops, to do some preliminary research).(They were cheap, even 20% off in Jan, but have crept back up in price.)

I know that I could have looked about on this site for a while to try to find out info, but I probably would have had to ask the same questions anyway (fishing is).

Thanks again.