Can my laptop with the FX 360M run CUDA apps?

I have a Dell Precision M4300 laptop with the Quadro FX 360M that should be able to run CUDA apps from what I have read.

However in my apps, when I make the call to cudaGetDeviceProperties, it always returns “Device Emulation (CPU)”, then it quickly crashes soon after I start making more CUDA calls. I checked, I am not using the -deviceemu option or linking in cufftemu. I installed the latest drivers from Dell, released on 12/9/2007. The driver details are:

Date: 11/16/2007

I installed CUDA 1.1 x32 and Cg 2.0 x32. The Visual Studio 2005 project I am using in debug mode is an exact copy of one on my desktop machine which works correctly. The desktop machine (Dell dimension 9200) has the GeForce 8800GTX. I am using Cg 2.0 on the laptop successfully.

Can I run CUDA apps on my laptop? If so any insight as to what’s happening because all I did was install the latest driver, Cg, CUDA, and my project?



Check the CUDA website for drivers that have CUDA support. The version number you write here looks very different from the ones on the website.

That’s 156.83 drivers (check last digits). This version is okay for CUDA 1.0 but 1.1 won’t work with them.

You need to install 169.x drivers to use CUDA 1.1. The only solution I know is to go to and get updated .inf which will let you install drivers.

BTW, this has been discussed on this forum more than once.


Were you able to get this problem resolved with the correct driver?? If so, do you have any relative performance numbers comparing your laptop to the 8800 in the desktop?

I am interested in getting this same laptop with the FX 360M, so I was just curious…


Yes I have it working now. I got the driver off of along with the modded INF file. I have not benchmarked it against the 8800. For my app, I am interfacing from MATLAB to it.