Cuda test failed on fx3700

Hi I have two computers. One is using Nvidia Quadro fx 3700 and another is using 4600. The one with 4600 can run all the samples shipped with Cuda SDK without any problem. I am using it to do CUDA development and tests. So far so good. The one with fx3700, however, is pretty tricky.

The configuration of the computer with fx 3700 is:

Intel Core2 Quad CPU 2.40GHz
Main memory: 4.00GB
OS: Windows Vista Business 64-bit

When I run deviceQuery.exe, the program reports “There is no device supporting CUDA”. But this is a brand new fx 3700. I checked Nvidia’s website and am pretty sure “theoretically” it supports CUDA technology.

The driver I am using for fx3700 is
Cuda toolkit version: 2.0
Cuda SDK version: Version 2.0 Beta2

They are all recently downloaded from Nvidia’s website.

Is there anyone here who know what is going on with the CUDA support of fx 3700? Is there any fix for this problem? Many thanks.

I found this thread because I’m having the same problem, but under Windows XP. I just bought a brand new machine, (a Dell workstation,) equipped with a brand new Quadro FX3700. I figured I’d spend the extra money since I want to do some high-powered CUDA development. Now that I download CUDA 2.0 & fire off a few SDK code samples, almost all of them fail. At least the “deviceQuery” seems to sense my videocard, but all of the apps seem to crash/abort/make errors. What’s going on?

What driver are you using? Is it the primary display adapter? (I know the FX 3700 works because I have one sitting on my desk)

I have installed: NVIDIADisplayWin2K(178_29)Int(.EXE?)

I downloaded & installed the driver, toolkit, & SDK in the order prescribed.

Try with the 2.1 beta–it relaxes the requirements for a CUDA card and displays under Vista.

I’ll try that. (Should I uninstall & delete all three packages first?)

Btw, I’m just chiming in as an XP user with a similar problem… :whistling:

Uninstalled & deleted all three packages for CUDA 2.0, then downloaded & installed CUDA 2.1 BETA.

Everything seems to be working now. I did notice, however, that all of the SDK samples are labeled, “QUADRO 4600 & LATER”. Is that why I was having trouble? Is there any reason I should have the high-end card to be able to run CUDA? (Not as though the 3700 is a bargain-basement card at ~$700.) What is different about the higher end cards in terms of functionality as opposed to pure performance?

The Quadros are numbered dumb. Quadro 4500 was GeForce 7-series, while 4600 is 8-series. 3500 was 7-series, while 3700 is 8-series. The 570 and 1700 are also 8-series.

The Quadros are numbered the opposite from the GeForces, I’m guessing, to help prevent people realizing that they’re the same thing. For the vast majority of people buying workstation cards, such trifles as GPU generation don’t matter much anyway. (The vast majority of CAD is fixed-function graphics. A few standouts, like SolidWorks, don’t use features above DX9.)