I would like what i paied for please! I cant use cuda

I bought a 250gts for some of the few things i do that need like physx and cuda work. So after i find out how nvidia ripped me off by disabling these features when i had my 5870 activated is a load of horse dung.

After hours of research ive got physx enabled but i cant get cuda enabled and i need it! Please someone tell me how to get it working!!!

windows 7 ultimate x64
6gb 1600mhz DDR3 ram
AMD PhenomII 3.6ghz (oc)
MSI 790FX-GD70
Asus 5870
Galaxy GTS 250

Ha ha ha :)) You made my day!!!

To be honest im tempted to make some phone calls. NO WHERE have i read on any nvidia site or page “Will disable physx and CUDA if you have any non GeForce GPU in your system”

And then to have the nerve to keep marketing these as normal? Thats would be considered lyeing to your customers “Oh sure you can use physx no problem :D " then you get home and you cant? thats like going to a car dealer ship and asking “so it works right?” and then you buy the car and you cant!! I’m quite enraged and i believe some legal action must be taken. Is there any official nvidia source that says " you will not be able to use cuda and physx unless you ONLY have nvidia brand gpus in your system” because i cannot find such a thing!!

There forums are full of these statements. They do depend on windows-version though.

Have you actually tried running CUDA examples?

keep getting

this application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b)

What version of the SDK you’re trying to run them from?

Newest i could find, and i checked the control panel ive got cuda 3.0.1 beta

Ah, that might be your problem. To use SDK 3.0 you need newer drivers. I recommend 196.21. You’ll need at least 195.xx.

lmao it was actually the opsite problem xD

Ive got 196.21 drivers which installed cuda 3.0.1 or w/e and i was using the 2. something sdk ><

virtually all problems fixed, just had to rename a DLL do finish the process xD

now where to start with cuda programming…

The programming guide, ships with the toolkit.

Have fun!