PhysX SDK on x86_64


I know that PhysX topic is not really CUDA-related, but I didnt know where to post my issue.
I’m running on Kubuntu 64 (Jaunty Release Candidate). I was able to download and install Cuda 2.1 for my plateform, thanks to the .run script provided by nvidia.

Now I’m trying to install the Physx SDK. However, it is only shipped as .deb on the nvidia website, and KPackageKit (the graphical front end for apt-get) and dpkg are complaining about 32/64 mismatch (because the sdk is only provided for x86 plateform). I’m running some 32 bits apps and game (Quake War) on the same system, so I think it’s not impossible to make the SDK works, as I have some 32libs for compatibility installed.

Do you have any suggestion ? I’m no linux package expert…

PhysX dev forums are located here -