How to use CUDA x64 and x86 in one machine?!

Hi everyone!

My PC is currently running x64 version of windows vista! And i want to develop an application as x64 and x86! Could you tell me which version of CUDA should i use?!

I know that i have to install x64 and x86 version, but i think there is no need to install all files (display driver x86, toolkit x86, CUDA SDK x86,display driver x64, toolkit x64, CUDA SDK x64)!

Is “display driver x64, toolkit x64, CUDA SDK x64,CUDA SDK x86” OK ???

Any advice could help ^_^!


Are you sure? On Linux to my knowledge the 64 bit package includes everything to build 32 bit CUDA applications, it is just a matter of compiler options (though I admit I did not test it). IMO just install only the 64 bit stuff and test if maybe everything works already…

I’ve tried it… and the app can not run in 32bit windows!

When i compile the app as x64, it will need “cutil64.dll” to run!

And when i compile as x86, it will need “cutil32.dll” to run!

And the last, 32bit windows can not understand 64bit DLL!

That’s why i think my program will need 2 version of CUDA, x64 and x86!

But it’s OK, i’ll instal the x86 with x64 SDK and try ^_^!