CUDA 6.5 and 32bit/64bit application

I am totally newbie in CUDA programming. I have a very simple and basic question.
I want to make 32bit and 64bit application in my Windows 7 32bit laptop.
Is it possible with CUDA 6.5? I have read getting started document and I am not sure about it.
Is the following procedure right? I work in VS2010 environment.

(1) I downloaded CUDA toolkit 6.5 from
I chose the link, ‘Windows 7 Desktop 32bit EXE’ in the table.
(2) I installed it on my laptop. Then, it is installed in
‘C:\Program Files\NVIDIA GPU Computing Toolkit\CUDA\v6.5’ folder
(3) T have already a *.cu file in my project.
(4) I used the compiler CUDA\v6.5\bin\nvcc.exe and give the compile option ‘-m 32’
to build 32bit application and ‘-m 64’ to build 64bit application.
(5) I used lib files under CUDA\v6.5\lib\Win32 as addlitional dependencies in VS2010 project setting
to build both 32bit application and 64bit application. (I am not sure if this is correct or not).

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Building x86_64 application target on x86_32 environment is not supported.

The only “cross” target is x86_32 on x86_64. Take another look at the getting started guide. There is no defined/supported “cross” target that reads “x86_64 on x86_32”

Even if you could build it properly, you couldn’t run an x86_64 app on an x86_32 machine. Note that when you are building an x86_64 target, both the host portion and the device portion are intended to be run in 64-bit mode, including pointers. Apps compiled for 64-bit windows will not run on 32-bit windows (this is independent of CUDA.)

Finally, the libraries you link against are different for 32-bit vs. 64-bit apps.