32/64 bit

I am running Vista 64 so I installed the 64 bit driver, SDK and toolkit. When I load the sample projects, they are all set to 32 bit by default so I had to switch them to 64 bit to compile (no big deal). This has me wondering: Can I install both 32 and 64 bit SDK and toolkit? Will this allow me to compile 32 bit CUDA programs and run them on Vista 64 just as I can with normal 32 bit apps? If this is possible, couldn’t we just have one version of the SDK and toolkit for Vista that would support both 32 and 64 bits?

Update: I tried installing the 32 bit SDK and copying over the missing 32 bit libraries into my 64 bit SDK folders but the 32 bit targets would not link because one or more modules was compiled for 64 bits. Next I tried installing the 32 bit toolkit. Once I did that, the 32 bit SDK targets would compile and link but would not run. The 64 bit targets would not link due to one or more modules having been comipled for 32 bit.

This is actually a serious problem. How would we use CUDA in a 32 bit application that runs on Vista 64? There are a lot of reasons why our users would want to do this. First among them is compatibility with older plug-ins that are 32 bit only. I hope this can be resolved before CUDA 2.0 becomes final.

-Mark Granger