32 bit vs. 64 bit on Vista Which SDK?

I am running Vista Home Premium, which is 64 bit. I’m trying to use Microsoft Visual C++ Express 2008 to compile CUDA programs, but this compiler will only support Win32, i.e. 32 bit. I have not been successful yet at getting the sample CUDA programs to compile. Since the operating system is 64 bit and the compiler 32 bit, will this even work? If so, which toolkit and SDK do I need - 32 bit or 64 bit?

I found some old posts on the forum which indicate compiling the sample programs with VC Express 2008 won’t work on Vista 64-bit. The free version is 32-bit and won’t produce the 64-bit code required. As far as I can tell the only solutions are to get the Standard version of Visual C++, or change to the 32-bit version of Vista.


I have the same problem last time.

I solved it by installing CUDA 2.3 for Vista 32 bit, then I changed the 32bit installation directory name into 64bit.

It works!