CUDA on Vista 64-bit Can't install VC++ express, how to compile CUDA?

Hello - novice question - I want to “get started” with CUDA. I am running Vista 64-bit. I can’t seem to install VC++ Express (always fails); maybe it just can’t be installed on Vista 64-bit (unless someone else has succeeded). So, I am wondering how to compile CUDA examples. Are there other compilers that will work?

First of all, wich version of VC Express? I instaled the VC2005 Express and VC2008 Express without any trouble on Vista 64b and on Win7 64b. In each case, the both IDEs will run in WoW mode as VC Express is 32bit only (see, the IDE is 32bit and the default bundled compiler)

After install VC Express install the Windows SDK (each ‘Windows SDK for Windows Server 2008 and .Net 3.5’ or ‘Windows SDK for Windows 7 and .Net 3.5 SP1’

The Windows SDK will install for you the cross-compiler version: x86_amd64, x86_ia64; and the pure x64 versions: amd64 and ia64 (FYK ia64 is for Itanium, not for P4 ou Core processors)

If you want use the command line nvcc in 64bit mode, use the CMD link of Windows SDK, in a 64bit version of Windows call the CMD link with the argument “amd64” or “x64”. The environment will be set to the correct cl.exe.

But if you want compile examples from inside VC Express forgot… because they are 32bit and always set the environment for cross-compiler, then nvcc will give that painfull error messengers…

It seens the non-Express versions works fine on ‘pure’ 64bit, no clues from my side, I don’t have time (and patience) for install the full version of Visual Studio

PS.: Visual Studio 2008 (SP1 or not) have a known issue on ‘Windows SDK for Windows Server 2008 and .Net 3.5’ reported on Windows SDK blogs.

I forgot to explain:

  1. After install VC Express you get a 32bit IDE and 32bit compiler in pure mode (32bit env. compile for 32bit O.S.); Install the 32bit CUDA and you are fine

  2. After install WinSDK (and do some hacks) you get a 32bit IDE with 32bit compiler in ‘pure’ mode (32bit env. compile for 32bit O.S.) and in ‘cross’ mode (32bit env. compile for 64bit O.S.); Install the 32bit versions of CUDA and you still fine with compiling inside the IDE

  3. After install WinSDK and install 64bit CUDA, you can only use command line for compile in pure 64bit.

PS. The new version of CUDA SDK (2.3) the 64bit versions come with bundled 32bit, the you can mix the statements 2 and 3 above.