32bit or 64bit SDK for 64-bit Windows with Visual C++ 2008 EXPRESS

hi all,

sorry if this is a wrong forum for these questions. These questions are windows-7 installation related and I seek your help. I have some experiences with CUDA programmings under linux but now I have to work in Windows 7. If this is the wrong forum to post these questions, please kindly instruct me to the correct sub-forum.

My setup:

64bit Windows 7 with Nvidia 196.21 driver
GTX 260
Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express (32bit)

as I’m gradually setting up the computer to my liking, I realized that the free Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express is a 32-bit compiler as only the Professional VC++ supports 64-bit. The questions now are: if I want to do some CUDA programming in Windows-7/VC++ -2008-express, which of the 32/64-bit CUDA SDK should I install. The answer to this isn’t immediate obviously to me as the video card driver is 64-bit and yet the compiler is 32bit. I have yet to understand if mixing 32bit/64bit programs/library is a good idea under Windows,

any help is very much appreciated,

Get the x64 CUDA Toolkit, which supports both 32bit and 64bit development.

Just make sure to the flag --machine=32 is passed to NVCC and you’re not using libs in the lib64 directory. You can do this at the project properties page under the CUDA build rule menu.

Visual C++ express can be configured to compile for x64. I haven’t done it but it looks like you need to install the x64 compiler separately. I assume you’re pretty handy you use GNU/Linux and leave it to you.