Win8 Pro / VC 2010 Express: no CUDA template? 32-bit compiles?

I’m trying to set up my first Windows CUDA on a new Window 8 laptop with a GeForce GTX 660M. I’m a total noob to Visual C++ 2010 Express (I’m a gcc guy), so this is probably a boneheaded question.

I installed VC2010 Express (started with VC2012 and discovered it couldn’t deal with the VC2008 or VC2010 samples), then the current 64-bit CUDA for Windows. The CUDA samples run fine, including deviceQuery, giving credible results and gorgeous graphics. I’m now moving on to compiling projects.

First question:

Following the “Getting Started Guide for Microsoft Windows” I compiled the bandwidthTest project, then modified it (adding a getchar() so the screen wouldn’t disappear when running it from VC2010), and that compile worked OK. However, I couldn’t compile it as 64-bit - only 32. I tried downloading and installing the Windows 7 SDK to get 64-bit capability ( ) but that failed to install - perhaps because I’m on Windows 8? How should I enable 64-bit projects?

Second question:
Again following the Getting Started guide, I started to create a new project. It says in section 3.3: “To accomplish this, click File-> New | Project… NVIDIA-> CUDA->, then select a template for your CUDA Toolkit version.”

However, when in the Start Page of VC++2010 Express I click File -> New Project, I don’t see any NVIDIA or CUDA-related stuff. I tried uninstalling CUDA and VC2010 Express a couple of times and installing them in the opposite order, but still no mention of NVIDIA/CUDA here. I’m seeing “Installed Templates” with Visual C++ as the only initial choice, with CLR, Win32 and General under it. None of those three has NVIDIA/CUDA stuff under it.

Can you tell what I’m doing wrong? Thanks very much!

Evidently that’s not a popular platform, and if my experience is any guide there’s a good reason for that.

I eventually gave up on Windows 8 / VC2010 Express, and half a day later had a working 64-bit CUDA development environment up and running on my notebook under Linux.

ASUS G75VW notebook, 12 GB RAM
i7-3610QM CPU @ 2.30GHz × 8
GeForce GTX 660M/PCIe/SSE2
Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit
NVIDIA graphics driver 310.19
CUDA 5.0

Now I get to think about parallelizing my stuff instead of getting the tools running. Bye, Win8!