Visual Studio 2008 express SP1+ Windows SDK 6.1 + latest CUDA 2.1 compiles X64 applications

Hi all

If you want to compile windows 64 CUDA kernels, here is how to do it :

1- install VS2008 EXPRESS c++ SP1
2- install latest windows SDK 6.1
3- change VS2008 Express to compile 64 bit - use MSDN help to do that. Test separately first for simple hello world programs
4- add batch file attached below into VC\bin\amd64 directory you might want to change the paths to suit your computer this is the configuration file
that nvcc is looking for on windows 64
5- in VC2008 go to tools\options then project\directories tab then to VC++ Directories.
make sure that the …\VC\bin\amd64 is the first on the list

It should work now try opening Release_vc90 in the CUDA SDK projects directory and build any of the projects. 

building the project with x64 target platform selected from the tab - for some reason it does not work under express,
probably because it won’t recognize the compiler.
to use the 32 version you need to change

  1- The input libraries from  cutil32.lib to  cutil64.lib
  2- The output from linker/Advanced  target machine from X86 to X64
  3-  The output directory from .../32/ to .../   ../64/ i.e. 
            ../../bin/win32/$(ConfigurationName)/marchingCubes.exe to ../../bin/win64/$(ConfigurationName)/marchingCubes.exe  

This worked for me …

Good Luck (517 Bytes)