Compile CUDA under Visat 64

Hi all,

I have a new PC with 8GB DDR memory and a new tesla.
I use Windows Vista 64bits (needed to detect the 8GB memory).
So, I’ve installed VUDA 2.0 drivers, tollkit and SDK.
I’ve also installed Visual C++ Express Edition 2005 and cygwin to compile in a terminal.
However it seems that the CUDA compilation doesn’t works with VC2005 under Vista 64.

Could you tell me how to compile my code under vista 64 with another compiler (like GCC)?




…problem might be with Visual C++ Express ,
Please try Professional edition with Vista patch and SP1 installed.
Building projects should be done within Vista-64 OS.

Hope this helps

I’ve installed Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition with SP1 and now it works!!!
The problem : Visual c++ 2005 Express Edition…