Vista 64 - Problems

Installed the Vista64 Besta drivers.
Successfully tested the pre build 64Bit examples. However I only have the VC express edition installed. So I have no 64Bit compiler and thus instealled the 32 Bit toolkit and samples instead. I didn’t get the samples to work there. Was anybody sucessfull in doing so?

However the biggest problem was that after some time the display drivers kind of crashed. Some windows turned black. Sometimes I could resize the window or so to refresh the content but mostly they remained black and it got progressively worse until i rebooted. This happened a couple of times until i decided it was pointless and rolled back the drivers. Did anybody else encounter these problems?

Working on a Geforce 8800 gts 512mb (g92), Single Intel Quad Core box.

I had the same problem with not being able to get the 32 bit samples to run. I made notes on the 32/64 bit thread.

-Mark Granger

I would like to see the 32 and 64 bit Windows SDK and toolkit merged for Windows before CUDA 2.0 gets released. We should be able to select either the 32 bit or 64 bit targets in the sample projects and compile and run them when running Vista 64 or Windows XP 64. 32 bit applications are expected to run on Windows 64 bit and currently there is no way to do this if our software uses CUDA.

-Mark Granger