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I am trying to update my NVIDIA driver Gefore 820M, and download the latest updates from the official website.

Then I started to download CUDA and moved on to PhysX but is says through the link

I a beginner to understand what are these technologies, but just wanted to keep my driver up-to-date as I use a 3D modeling software.

pardon me if I have select the wrong category, please correct me if I have to change it.

thank you in advance.

Hello @woobaeldaw and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

PhysX is not a seperate package that needs installation, it is already part of the generic driver install.

The easiest and recommended way to keep your drivers up to date on a Windows PC is to use GeForce Experience.

Only CUDA needs a separate package if you want to make use of the SDK. But if you are only planning to use 3D modeling software and not develop CUDA applications yourself, you do not need to install that either.

I hope that helps!

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