new driver beta or final

hi! I have vista x64 and 8800gts640.
when releases new driver beta or final for “physx”?

For Physx ??? You mean support for Physx using Nvidia cards.
Correct me guys if im wrong but arent we a long way from that happening ??

No, we are not. According to what I read the port of Physx to CUDA is already finished.

“physx original”? no. but cuda-enabled for “simulate” physx.

I would like to see that magic happen ASAP. :magic:

NVIDIA only bought AGEIA a few months ago and its already ready… ?
Too cool to be true DenisR but i do hope you are right.

It was told that the port took 1 month. Check this thread :

Well nothing from what he said really says when it will be ready for intergration just that they are planning and working on it like we all knew. Lets hope they make it fast.

The fact it was ported in a month was told on a conference not so long ago.…sx-to-cuda.html
Hmm, could not find the page with the reference of a month anymore, but anyhow.

I have fw175.12, physx software and sdk but I don’t get accelerate. I need install toolkit cuda?

Just to be clear here: Whether or not the PhysX port to CUDA has been completed inside Nvidia, the currently available PhysX does not support CUDA. I’m sure we will hear a huge announcement when that finally gets posted. :)

I’m confusing! new physx sw/sdk doesn’t support cuda for xp?


Nope it doesnt…