Does NVIDIA Quadro fx2000 match with my computer ?

Hi everybody

I am willing to buy NVIDIA Quadro fx2000, but I’m wondering if it’s going to match with my computer or not
I mean is it going to work with my motherboard which is Gigabyte GA-EP35C-DS3R
here is some information about my motherboard
and my process is Intel C2Q Q6600

Does NVIDIA Quadro fx2000 work with these hardwares without any problems ?


No, it does not work. The Quadro FX 2000 is an ancient card with AGP connection, while your Mainboard only supports state-of-the-art PCIe.

Also, since you are asking in a CUDA forum: The Quadro FX 2000 also predates CUDA which does not run on it.

Get a cheap GTS or GTX 4xx or 5xx card - they all fit, support CUDA, and are orders of magnitude faster.

I think you are referring to the Quadro 2000, not the QuadroFX 2000.

Yes it will work but because this the chipset on your motherboard does not fully meet the PCI Express specification, the card will only run in PCI Express 1.1 mode thus slightly affecting the overall performance of the graphics card.