Quadro FX 1800 and Qaudro 4000 in same machine. Can I run the FX`1800 and the Qaudro 4000 in the sam

I just ordered the quadro 4000 and creerntly have the FX 1800. Can these cards coexist - perhaps using the FX 1800 as a two monitor driver? I know the FX 1800 will not meet CS 5 reqirements, so I am just seeing if I can salvage the 1800.



Hi Geoffrey, did you try this?
I am thinking of doing the same thing. I am running an Asus P6X58D Motherboard.

This should certainly work. It depends on the application if it will take advantage of both cards.

Did you have any luck with the setup you mentioned? I’m in the process of attempting the exact same thing with the 1800 & the 4000. I’ll repost with my results.