Quardro Fx1800 Feature of Quardro Fx1800

Hi all,

I am going to purchase Quardro Fx1800 NVIDIA graphic card. I have following(doubt) inquiry about this card:

    What are the advantages/disadvantages of this particular card?

    can I use this card to take all advantages of CUDA?

Anybody having experience with this particular card?


I have a CUDA development system here with a Quadro FX 1800 (came with the machine), GeForce GTX 285 and a GeForce GTX 470. For CUDA purposes there is no reason to buy an FX 1800. The performance is simply crap compared to desktop cards like the GTX 285 and the newer Fermi cards. Most (not all) quadro parts are just low-end chips packaged with special drivers (for “professional OpenGL work” or something) and sold for a ridiculous price. Look up NVIDIA’s profits from last year, mainly from the Quadro cards!