Quadro FX issues when Dual GTX 280's installed for CUDA

I have put together a system that uses 680i SLI motherboard with a Quadro FX 4600 in SLOT 0 and two GeForce GTX 280 in SLOT 1 & 2. I installed Tesla driver 258.96 and all the cards show up fine. The Quadro settings show up in the Nvidia driver page. I set OpenGL to be set to the Quadro FX 4600.

Here is my problem. I am running Maya 2011. I have a complex model that when rotated in the viewport will have an FPS of 15. This is slow as if the driver thinks I have a non-quadro card. So I use device manager and disable the two 280’s and try Maya again. My FPS goes up to 65 on the same scene.

I also have other CAD applications like Autodesk Inventor. When I use it own Hardware tester, it tells me my primary adapter is 280 GTX.

I have two monitors connected to the Quadro and no monitors connected to the two 280’s. I use the two 280’s for CUDA rendering.

It seems that the Quadro drivers try to disable quadro OpenGL features if GeForce Cards are present. I also have a Tesla C870 which I also tried in the same system with the Quadro FX. I got the same results.

Does anyone know how to fix this?