Cuda on Quadro FX 2800

Hi Friends.

HP EliteBook
Core i7 2.7
GPU: Quadro FX 2700
OS: Opensuse Leap 15

I was using cuda-6.5 with nvidia driver 340.32 on opensuse leap 42.3. Today I updates my os to opensuse leap 15, So that I had to install nvidia driver 340.106.

But the problem is that cuda-6.5 does not work with nvidia driver 340.106 (also there are some problems with gcc7) and cuda-9.2 needs more at least driver 390 which is not compatible with my device.

Could you please tell me how can I install cuda now?!

cuda 6.5 should work with 340.106

Saying “does not work” is not useful for any diagnosis

you certainly are not expected to use gcc7 with cuda 6.5

if you wanted that very old hardware configuration to work, updating your OS may have been a bad idea